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How to Turn Heads For All The Right Reasons

March 19, 2020

We’ve all had that experience of walking down the street and noticing a perfectly put together stranger walk by.  There’s nothing outlandish about their outfit, there’s no real reason for them to standout and yet everyone notices them.  Whether it’s their perfectly tonal palette, their clever use of cut, or the accessories that seem to draw the eye to their best assets; some people just know how to turn heads for all the right reasons.  The good news?  There are some clever little ways that you can apply this to your everyday styling.

An image of a brunette woman wearing a tan jacket with a grey t-shirt

Walking Tall

You know the old adage, shoulders back, hips forward – it’s all about projection.  Sure walking is a simple case of one foot in front of the other but walking tall with your shoulders back and down is a great way to make your clothes lie better.  It’s how models learn to walk the runway so that clothes give a flat back line and in most fitness classes it’s how we’re taught to hold our bodies for correct alignment and lateral breathing.

Hair and Skincare

You can’t change your genetics so learn to love what you’re working with, you ain’t waking up looking like Bella Hadid tomorrow.  Retinol is probably the biggest buzzword in skincare right now simply because it works.  If anti-ageing is high up on your agenda the you’re going to want to look for skincare products containing this wonder ingredient; my top picks right now are Olay’s Retinol 24 £35 (choose the serum over the cream as it has a higher retinol content), and The Ordinary Retinol 1% in Squalane £5.80 (a lot more oily in consistency).

When it comes to hair, ask your salon to show you how to blow dry or wave your hair so that you can recreate your salon style results at home.

Stand Out Threads

Generally speaking I’d say that although we think we notice a face first when someone passes us by, we’re actually more likely to notice and remember the outfit.  Take that perfect safari style outfit Carrie wore to scope out her wedding venue for example.  With that in mind, consider your own closet, are the items in there stale? Are they past their best?  Could you do with a cull, or maybe you need a few wardrobe staples to make it a little more user friendly?  If you’re looking to switch up your style then consider buying vintage, hosting a clothes swap or even looking at something alternative like a kimono from Felicity B to inject colour and print.

Make the Most of Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit, we all know Coco Chanel was an advocate.  From a simple nameplate necklace (I never go anywhere without mine), to a braided Mulberry belt – the perfect accessory is invaluable.  You also don’t have to spend a fortune on accessories, sometimes the perfect accessory is a simple beret on a transitional day, braces with denim, or in the case of J-Lo – the perfect pair of gold hoops.

Be sure to use accessories to your full advantage.  These items can round off a terrific outfit, or they can be the things that catch your eye when you have to wear less standout clothing, such as when you’re focusing on warmth more than style during the chillier months.  With a wardrobe of accessories, you’ll always have something to make you stand out.

Just remember, as long as you feel great about the look that you’ve put together, then it the look works and that’s all that matters in fashion and style.



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