Waxology: The Science of Waxing

You know by now Voyeurs that I’m a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to intimate waxing, it’s probably top of my agenda when it comes to waxing treatments and good waxers are hard to come by.

you’ll know from previous posts that I’ve lived between Newcastle and London for a number of years and have found a select few very good, very reliable waxers who specialise in the “Hollywood” – that’s everything off down there for intimate wax virgins – and these expert waxers should be top of your emergency contact list, right above your partner and / or mother.

Waxologist Frances Nixon has practised out of a converted room in her home in County Durham for a few years before deciding that it was time to branch out and bring her services further North, enter Waxology.  Frances has set up shop on Saville Street, Newcastle, The discreet entrance provides the perfect cover for “shy waxers” and the period art deco staircase is a pleasant surprise as you enter the building; the Waxology room is clean and bright and Frances takes all clients through a pre-treatment questionnaire to check for any contra-indications, to say she’s thorough is an understatement.  She talks through the treatment and shows me to a room where Im asked to go through the standard procedure before a Hollywood Wax, yes Voyeurs, this procedure is done panties off and it’s a breeze, way more pleasant than a visit to the Gynaecologist and the room smells amazing so we’re already streets ahead in the points stakes.

Frances chats through what she’s doing as she works, she tells me that she prefers to use Waxperts Hot Wax than the more widely known and used, Lycon Wax.  She tells me she’s involved her regular clients in testing and found that this product is less painful, faster to use and more economical as less is used, making it cheaper for you, the customer.

The premise is simple, skin is prepped with oil and the hot wax only clings to the hair, shrink wrapping around it to remove hair, but not skin.  The wax itself is painless, I’ve been having this treatment now for a million years and I’ve become acclimatised to it, although i’m advised that Wax Virgins could pop two paracetamol 20 minutes beforehand to help dull the pain, I’m super brave and just run with it…..

After 20 minutes I’m done.  Frances is very thorough and gets to the parts that lesser Waxers can’t reach and there isn’t any of the stickiness often associated with intimate waxing afterwards – in a crude little nutshell, your underpants don’t stick to your bits.

I usually leave 6-7 weeks between waxing appointments and true to form this was the case with this wax, however I did notice a slightly more ingrown hairs than usual.  This may be down to the fact that I usually have Lycon treatment and that’s what my body has become accustomed to, I’m not sure.

Frances currently practices out of the Newcastle studio Thursday and Friday and there’s a late night opening on the agenda too in the run up to Summer, for the rest of the week she’s in Spennymoor – literally covering all bases.

So, if you’re a regular waxer and can’t get booked up, have a waxing emergency or fancy trying an intimate wax for the first time, add Waxology to your list of Expert Waxers and check it out…

Pixie x

Waxology Newcastle: 17a Saville Row, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 8JE

Waxology Durham: 20 Abbey Green, Spennymoor, Durham, DL16 6PD



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