Face Facts: Beasting Beauty

I like make-up, and I love working out, but let’s be clear; the two should never, ever meet.  Make-up in the gym, that’s a big no-no right?  And I’m not alone in that opinion…

In preparation for this article, knowing that it would get (some) peoples backs up I surveyed women of various ages and abilities about their opinions on wearing make-up in the gym and a staggering 88% cam back with a resounding “Hell no, that’s just cray” and I consider myself firmly in that camp.

First of all, it’s crazy bad for your skin, clogging pores and interfering with the body’s cooling system and it serves no purpose other than to make us look better than we do without it.  That’s nothing you didn’t already know, yet despite this, and the survey results, everywhere I look in the gym, there are women wearing make-up – and lots of it.

I work out a lot, in fact I’m a Boxer and when I’m in the gym I sweat, a lot.  I don’t look pretty and I get red faced, it’s just what happens when you work out and that’s ok, but to cover all that in make up?  Come on girls, aren’t we better than that?  The recent #ThisGirlCan national campaign certainly seems to think so, with a TV commercial celebrating women of all shapes, sizes and abilities working out and looking proud (and knackered) it’s a revelation – women don’t look great in the gym and why the hell should they?  After all if you’re not sweating and panting after a workout, you’re not doing it right.

What we need are more icons working up a sweat without make-up – the Kardashian’s recently endorsed a brand of make-up specifically for the gym, claiming to be sweat proof and are regularly pictured leaving Barry’s Bootcamp in Calabasas wearing more than a slick of lipgloss.  It’s things like this that make women feel like they need to, or that it’s ok to wear make up in the gym.  It’s like saying, women should look their best at all times, everywhere they are.  Fuck that, if I want to get my sweat on, I’ll get my sweat on properly and keep my face where it is instead of all over my towel.

So, You know it’s bad for your skin, experts say it can lead to *shock horror* acne due to penetrated pores and lets be honest, it looks gross after a workout but if you absolutely can’t give up face whilst you’re in the gym, at least switch to mineral make up, I don’t know if it’s actually any better for your skin in reality under gym conditions but it sounds like it is….

Make up in the gym: it’s a no from me, but hey, who am I?  I’m just a girl who likes to work out.  Without make up.

Pixie x

Published in NELove Magazine May 2016



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