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LVL Lash Lift at The Wax Bar

January 28, 2017

You’ll remember that I visited The Wax Bar back in December 2016 for one of their namesake waxes, but did you know, they don’t just offer waxing? Sure, that’s their specialty and I’m pretty sure these gals could wax in their sleep, but they also offer creative enhancements such as Insta-worthy nails, and LVL Lashes.

If you’re not already familiar with LVL Lashes, it’s a revolutionary treatment pioneered by the lash gurus at Nouveau Lashes. The treatment works to enhance your own natural lashes without the aid of ‘crunchy’ lash extensions or clusters. LVL (Lift Volume and Length), often referred to as ‘Lash Lift’, is a game changer – fact. Unlike the eyelash perm of the noughties, LVL works to straighten the lashes at the root, forcing the lashes up and out, meaning that when you look at the lashes straight on, they point upwards instead of forwards opening up the eye – your selfie game just changed forever. Lasting anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks, this just negated the need to travel with mascara. Winning.

The Wax Bar in Jesmond pride themselves on their high standard of training and staff truly are specialists in each discipline, I was introduced to my LVL Technician, Leah, who talked me through the process and each step of the treatment. The treatment takes around 45 minutes and is comfortable – I’m pretty squeamish and get grossed out by eye treatments but found this no problem at all, Leah took pictures of me during the treatment and it looks way worse than it felt. It’s performed with your eyes closed for the full treatment and once you’re set up and ready to begin, it’s actually pretty relaxing.

Leah has been The Wax Bar’s resident Lash Expert since she started with the brand in Edinburgh years ago, she tells me that the trend for fuller, natural lashes is huge in Edinburgh and that the salon at weekends would be like a conveyor belt. With the price point just above the national average at £50, Wax Bar clients get a dedicated Lash Expert delivering their treatment to the highest standard (until the end of January 2017 LVL Lashes at The Wax Bar Newcastle is just £30 and there’s 25% off all other treatments.  If you’re a student then you’re really in luck, the salon offers a thrifty 25% discount on all treatments with a valid student card and it’s Love Club is open to everyone who likes a cheeky offer now an again.

In a nutshell, a solution is applied to break down the bonds inside the lashes and force them to take on a different ‘shape’. Leah tells me that because I have very long natural lashes, we should go for a more dramatic look for maximum effect. The salon is clean and inviting and the sounds of Ministry of Sound Chill Out Ibiza make the space feel current and relaxing, Leah gets to work on my lashes and once the solution has taken, she tints them darkest blue black to match my heart.

I’m assured that the LVL Lash treatment doesn’t cause any damage to natural lashes, and referred to the Nouveau website for information on the research that backs this claim. Whilst it’s not a treatment that’s new to me, I never fail to be amazed by the results, when you’re first handed the mirror after the treatment it’s hard to believe that you’re looking at your own lashes. My lashes look darker, thicker and way shinier, like they’ve been coated with a conditioning serum, but unlike lash extensions they don’t feel ‘stiff’ or crunchy’.

A couple of important points to consider when you’re booking your LVL Lash treatment at The Wax Bar: First of all, you’ll need a patch test at least 48 hours before you plan to have treatment and after treatment you can’t wet your lashes AT ALL for 24 hours otherwise the solution will deactivate. If you’re planning on having this treatment for a big night out, it may be best to have it done a few days in advance so that you can remove your eye makeup afterwards without fear of deactivating the LVL solution.

The great thing about The Wax Bar is its uber cool location, set on leafy St George’s Terrace in Jesmond with free parking right outside the front door, it couldn’t be easier or more convenient to get in and get out with minimum fuss.  The colour scheme is super modern and minimalist with on point branding throughout the salon, cool grey, black and white are the perfect backdrop for the brand’s pink logo. Therapists are introduced on a first name basis and clients are looked after with hot drinks etc. as they’re talked through their choice of treatment.

I had my LVL Lash treatment 3 weeks ago and they still look awesome – I told you this was a game changer and I meant it.  It’s a Fashion Voyeur approved treatment and one that’s an absolute pre-vacation essential, be careful though, it’s highly addictive….

Peace out Voyeurs

Pixie xo


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