Play Skin – The Smartphone Activated Mask

In a world of smartphones, social media, and a need for fast, effective beauty treatments, it was only a matter of time before they met in the middle.  Play Skin is just that, it’s a home beauty treatment that harnesses microcurrents from your cellphone to stimulate the skin.  Sounds cray?  You’re not wrong…..

Intrigued?  Here comes the science….

Play Skin works in just 10 minutes.  Not an estimated 10 minutes, a set, timed 10 minutes, monitored and controlled by an app on your phone or tablet.  It combines the efficacy of a cosmetic Hydrogel mask with the stimulating effect of tiny microcurrents direct from your cellphone – so low density that it’s imperceptible – there’s no buzzing, no tingling and it’s absolutely not painful.

It takes a bit of sussing out the first time you do it, the instructions are translated from a Italian and so not as clear as they could be, but once you’ve done it once, it gets easier.  In the box there are 5 disposable masks in individual packets, 10 disposable electrodes, 10 adhesive discs, 1 connector cable, and 1 tube of Play Skin Renewal Cream.  The mask comes in two parts, for the upper and lower face, the idea is to use the adhesive discs to connect the electrodes to the outer edges of the mask, which in turn, clip on to the connector cable.  Once you’ve “assembled” your mask, you’re ready to hook up to your cellphone and go the full Jim Carrey.

The mask itself feels gel-licious, it’s almost tacky to the touch.  Once you have it in position on your face – and this takes a bit of shifting about – the connector cable is attached via the headphone socket & the Play Skin app talks you through what’s in store.  Basically, you hit “Play” and the mask is activated for ten minutes, during that time you’re free to move around as normal, provided you keep your cellphone with you.

I really liked the feeling of the mask, it’s cool & the gel-like texture makes me feel as if it’s driving ingredients into my skin – whether it is or not, I don’t know.  As I mentioned, the microcurrent isn’t detectable so there’s nothing you can actually ‘feel’ working, however when the time runs down on the app and I’m ready to de-mask, although there’s no visible ‘lift’, my skin does feel plumper and softer to the touch and is definitely more luminous.

I found the mask to be an indulgent treat, I enjoyed it and I love the idea of incorporating everyday skincare with everyday technology.  Is it a novelty?  I don’t know.  My skin felt better afterwards and it’s definitely something I’d repeat, it feels special when you use it but maybe that’s because there’s nothing else like it on the market.  If I had an event on the horizon I’d use Play Skin in advance as I noticed afterwards that products seemed to glide on to my skin more easily than before and that feeling lasted for two days post mask.  Applying makeup post mask was a dream too, the finish was better and the application much easier so there’s definitely something there.  It might not be a visible lift but there are definite benefits detectable to the user in the feel of the skin after use, and the behaviour of the skin in the days following use.

I think with Play Skin, the condition of you Skin pre-mask may determine the results post mask, if you have fine lines & open pores, then you’re more likely to see a visible difference in the appearance of your skin.  It’s something I’d use again and if you’re a fan of sheet masks then it’s definitely one to try, to put it in perspective for you, the Charlotte Tilbury single use, Instant Magic sheet mask is £18.50, around 50p more expensive than Play Skin and the Play Skin mask is infinitely superior.

Pixie xo


It’s recommended that the mask is used weekly and is sold in packs of five at a cost of £89.99.  It’s currently available direct from the Italian website, or in the U.K. via selected aesthetic clinics.  If you’re in the North East then you can purchase Play Skin from The Esho Clinic in Jesmond, Newcastle.



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