Primark’s New Season Shoe Drop

I’m not one to jump on the Fast Fashion train quite so readily without assessing the durability of a microtrend first and I usually steer away from the cheaper end of the high street, however more recently, I’ve been enticed back…

We all have our own systems for managing the  turnover of fashion trends.  Some people don’t by into runway filtered trends, some people live and breathe them and there is a small proportion of people who monitor and turn over microtrends like their lives depend on it.  This Voyeurs, is where the high street is your best friend.  Everything you wear is dictated by the global runways.  Whether you know and accept it, or believe that plain white tee you picked up from George at ASDA is anti-fashion, everything in your wardrobe is runway fed.

If you consider yourself a fully fledged Fashionista you probably already look to the more expensive end of the high street when it comes to the seasonal shift and the bi-annual trend forecast.  With the rise of see now, buy now fashion in the industry, the high street can turn a trend into a full affordable capsule collection faster than you can blink and with global fashion month happening twice per year, you have time to plan for it.

But when we talk about microtrends, we mean short lived trends that were born as an Insta movement, maybe something your favourite Digital Influencer (obviously that’s me) has worn, or something you’ve seen an influx of younger girls wearing and championing.  This is where the cheaper end of the high street really shines.  Think that weird fishnet waistband poking out of your best ripped jeans that everyone did in May and June of this year – that right there is an Insta-born microtrend.

If you want to tap into fast fashion and microtrends, look to places like Primark, MissGuided, Little Mistress and those places that seem to have new stock in every month.  These are stores which focus on turning over microtrends alongside seasonal trends, the places that can spot the durability and popularity for a microtrend and turn it into product the next day.  You’ll have seen me championing the perfect transitional shoe from none other than Primark (if you haven’t then read this), and it’s about to get a whole lot better for all of you shoe fanatics out there because the first new season shoe drop from Primark is a doozie.

Whilst everyone else is going freaking bats for Primark’s Beauty and the Beast range and the Harry Potter merchandise filtering into stores as we speak, fashionistas everywhere are quietly enjoying the amazing offerings in the shoe department.

Here are my top Primark shoe picks to ease you into Fall 2017, all of which are available to buy right now (in addition to the ones that started it all):

Primark £8

1. Following on from the previous Primark Bee Flats I told you about in July, they’ve introduced some velvet slip on sneakers with a similar motif.  This one features metal thread embroidery and beading so for £8 they’re a total steal and they’re available in deep burgundy as well as black.

2. These giltter ball boots slip on easily like a sock and the block heel makes them way more comfortable than a regular stiletto.  They’re soft, super irridescent and available in black, silver and purple.  Wear them with everything from jeans to dresses and booty shorts to playsuits, these have enough life in them to see out the full Fall / Winter trend for disco so they’re well worth a punt.

Primark £16

3. My absolute favourites.  The deep V front on these shoe boots is a strong footwear trend for FW17 and something that was on so many of the big runways in February.  The oriental printed satin has rich tones of orange, purple and red and they’re comfortable considering they’re a pretty high heel.  Wear with black opaques when the weather inevitably turns.  Eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Primark £17

4. These oriental ankle boots with patterned heel fasten with an inside zipper and they’re similar in shape to a cuban heeled cowboy boot.  They’re available in regular and wide fit and up to a UK size 9.  They’re super comfortable too – I wore them out all day on a shoot in Newcastle and they gave me no problems but threw up loads of compliments from passers by.  #winning.

So, if shopping at the cheaper end of the high street isn’t your thing then maybe now you’ll at least consider a look at some of the Fall Winter trends and how you can spin them at a much cheaper cost.  If you’re a fan of fast fashion then hot foot it to Primark right now to get a head start on FW17 shoe shopping, they really are ahead of the game this season.

Pixie xo

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  • Primark appear to have some gorgeous boots in at the moment. I am loving the jaquard and brocade fabric being utilitied. I think Primark over the last few years have definitely upped their game in terms of fashion. I quite like their alternative fashion styles and along with corset belts you can’t complain about the prices.

    • They’re having a bit of a moment right now and their new design team is amazing! Fast fashion at its very best!