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I love trying out new beauty products, I love that the technology in beauty is constantly evolving in line with what men and women both want and expect from skincare.  We all have our own issues with our skin and all wish we could turn back the clock.  In a market that’s filled with great quality products from leading skincare brands like Murad, Decleor and Image Skincare, as well as amazing high street products from L’Oreal Paris, Olay and Simple, whilst there’s always going to be something out there that suits your particular skin type, it can be hard (and expensive) to do the leg work.

I was contacted by organic beauty brand Peachy Fox London with a simple request: try our products and leave us a short Amazon review.  The brand is an all natural, all organic beauty company with no hidden nasties in any of the products.  With skincare these days there are so many ‘tribes’ of consumer to appeal to that it’s difficult for a brand to tick all of the boxes.  Peachy Fox London has a good try.  The product lineup is small and that’s because research takes time, the brand are working to increase their lineup and are taking feedback from consumers into consideration – hence the review request.  Each is available to purchase with free next day delivery via Amazon Prime.

Full product range from Peachy Fox Organic Skincare Fashion Voyeur Blog

So, what’s in the range?

Marine Collagen Eye Gel £13.97

You may have already seen my full post about this product (if not you can read it here).  I have real problems when it comes to skincare that’s suitable for my sensitive eyes, my mum has a super rare condition in her eyes and judging by my symptoms, I’m starting to wonder whether I have it too.  Anyway, I’m always very skeptical when it comes to trying or buying eye products.  This one is a thin gel consistency with no perfume, it glides on easily and is so gentle it can be used right over the lid, as well as around the orbital bone.  In a nutshell: I’m a convert.  I can’t praise this eye product enough, it’s not greasy, it’s not drying, it doesn’t cause any irritation and it gives my tired eyes a boost.  I’ve started carrying it with me and using it with me on the go.  If you’re interested in adding an eye product to your regime then go read the full post, this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Anti-Redness Facial Cream £14.99

First up, I don’t have rosacea or anything quite as serious as that in terms of redness, however I do have very sensitive skin and am prone to ‘flare ups’ of redness.  My skin is particularly red and tender after I’ve worn makeup, hence not wearing it that often.  It’s a super easy to use product, it’s not green or lilac like you might expect, it’s a basic white cream.  It applies easily and doesn’t have an instant effect but once it’s fully absorbed it has a calming effect on your skin and evens out tone, flattening the areas which stood out and providing the perfect base.

This one is a dual product, often with anti-redness creams you need to top them up with a moisturiser, this one is both – however use sparingly as it can be a little greasy.  The only thing you need on top is an SPF product and makeup if you’re wearing it.  It takes a little while to fully absorb so factor this in if you’re applying makeup over the top.  It has a lovely fresh cucumber smell to it too.  Bonus.

Aloe Retinol Serum £13.97

If you’re starting out using retinol then go read this post which is your guide to retinol.  Retinol sounds scary to a lot of people and it comes with some guidelines, but with safe use, it can be your best friend.  This particular product is heavenly, I bloody love it.  It’s fresh root ginger smell is amazing and you only need one pump to cover your face (any more than two and you’re using way too much).  It’s a serum so it’s designed to go under your night cream to enhance the benefits and it’s gentle enough to use around the eyes.  You experience and immediate tightening after use and skin feels amazing the next morning.  Remember, never use retinol products if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Collagen Retinol Moisturiser £13.97

Another retinol product which comes with some guidance and application of common sense.  Whilst it states that this product is suitable for use during the day, guidance suggests retinol products should only be used at night – otherwise your skin can age faster than normal when exposed to sunlight and nobody wants that.  This one is another cream, I use two pumps per application and it’s a tricky one to get used to due to the consistency of retinol.  This one should be patted rather than rubbed, once you get the hang of it it’s super easy to use.

I love the look of my skin after using this and it feels incredible in the morning, smooth, even and it definitely looks better in terms of appearance.  If you’re looking to fight the ageing process, this should be in your arsenal. Again, never use retinol products if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Dead Sea Mud Anti-Aging facial Mask £12.99

Peachy fox branded mud mask with added jojoba Fashion Voyeur Blog

The newest addition to the Peachy Fox line-up, this mask is thick, luxurious and a real treat to use.  Packed full of anti-ageing ingredients and the same ‘no nasties’ policy as with everything in the range, this mask packs a punch.  It’s not drying like other mud masks of the same texture can be and it has a fresh, minty smell – something that’s quite surprising when you open the post for the first time.  It’s thick and green but very smooth to the touch so you don’t end up with lots of it stuck to the side of the sink when you rinse it off.  It almost part absorbs into the skin and part dries leaving the excess on the surface, and you can really feel it tingling and working on your skin.  Once removed skin has a visible radiance and feels “bouncy’ to the touch.

The perfect weekly addition to your skincare routine and one that you’ll really see the difference with.

The Verdict

I’m a fan.  I like the products and I like the fact that they’re organic and natural.  More and more men and women are becoming savvy about what they put on their skin and keeping it natural is a nice touch.  If you’re using Peachy Fox London beauty products then I’d advise using a city block on top, but that goes totally against the all natural vibe given the number of scary chemicals used to create the SPF ‘veil’.  SPF by it’s very nature is a chemical, one that is absorbed by the body and is measurable in blood and breastmilk, but given the damaging effects of the sun, you need to weigh up which is the lesser of two evils.  Personally, I cover my face in sunblock every day, I think it’s absolutely essential when using retinol products on an evening.

The brand is cool and youthful and will appeal to millennials everywhere given it’s organic credentials.  Looking to make the move into natural skincare?  Peachy Fox London is worth the hype.

Pixie xo

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