Dr Raj Acquilla launches YUVA MEDI-SPA

When it comes to aesthetics, education and trust are key.  We’re constantly searching for innovative new ways to turn back the clock and retain or regain our youthful appearance and because of this, the aesthetics market is booming.  Selecting an aesthetics practitioner is difficult, after-all, you’re trusting this person with your face and potentially how it might look for 12 months after any treatment you elect to have, that’s a scary thought right?  You can do research and ask friends, but ultimately it’s your decision and you’d be surprised how many people I’ve spoken to who cite “proximity to home” as their top priority when selecting a practitioner.  Me personally?  I’d travel for the right practitioner any day of the week, if it means the difference between being a Leslie Ash or a Margot Robbie then distance isn’t a factor.  Fortunately, from the moment you enter the prestigious new YUVA MEDI-SPA in Alderley Edge, you know you’re in safe hands.

Founded by award winning doctor and aesthetics educator Dr Raj Acquilla, YUVA MEDI-SPA is a cut above other offerings in the UK.  Not strictly brand new, the clinic is the second in Acquilla’s expanding portfolio and opened to a three month wait list back in April 2017.  After months of planning, the official press launch was set for the end of September, yes, they’re that in demand and there’ll be more on the press launch in my follow up post.

YUVA MEDI-SPA occupies an entire mansion house and former recording studio with its own pretty gardens and parking, it’s a pretty spectacular setting and a step away from the usual high street pop up clinics.  Acquilla’s vision for YUVA MEDI-SPA was grand: to take the traditional idea of a medi-spa and turn it on its head.  Acquilla wanted to step away from the expected clinical environment and create something luxurious, unique and beautiful.  Ultimately, a place where patients could feel relaxed, reassured, not rushed, and enjoy their aesthetic journey.

“Our philosophy is to make our patients not only look but feel better about themselves through proven, safe and effective procedures. We pride ourselves on listening to their needs so that we can tailor and deliver a treatment plan that suits their individual goals. We understand the emotions that are attached to age-related changes in appearance and endeavour to make all our patients experience and journey with us a memorable and positive one.”  Dr Raj Acquilla, Founder of YUVA MEDI-SPA

YUVA has certainly achieved that, everything aspect of the clinic has been planned with the client in mind.  From the furnishings and calming colour scheme of soft grey and gold, to the individual waiting areas, the medi-spa is focussed entirely on patient experience and comfort.  I chatted to Dr Acquilla and he told me that patients don’t want to have to sit with other patients before or after having treatment, they want to be able to relax alone and leave when they’re ready without worrying about being rushed out to make space for the next patient.  With that in mind, Acquilla decided that despite the fact that this would cut down treatment space, it was something that absolutely had to be factored in.


YUVA is on the cutting edge when it comes to aesthetic treatments.  With a whole range of injectables available as with most clinics, YUVA also offers non-invasive, non-surgical, proven treatments such as HydraFacial.  There’s a whole suite of A-List treatment available at YUVA, all of it tried, tested and proven.  Acquilla has a hard and fast rule when it comes to offering new treatments, everything he and his team offer must be backed up, certified and proven meaning that you’ll never be a guinea pig and you’ll never be ‘The First’.

The YUVA menu has you covered top to toe with an extensive range of treatments including Wrinkle Relaxing Injections, Dermal Fillers, The Liquid Facelift, HydraFacial, Skin Peels, Spotlight Treatment, Body Shaping and Skin Tightening with Exilis, Photo-rejuvenation with IPL, CO2RE Fractional Laser resurfacing treatment, Exilis RF Skin Tightening and rejuvenation for the face and neck, Laser and IPL for Vascular Lesions and Thread Veins, Injections for Excessive Sweating, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal and the highest quality, results driven skincare solutions to address every concern including the ZO range developed by Dr Obagi.  Phew, that’s some list right?  But it doesn’t end there, Acquila is one of the most recognised and applauded global aesthetic educators, where new treatments and products are made available, he’s there, watching and waiting for long term efficacy to be proven.


Sidebar, there is no B-Team, YUVA’s team is made up of the best talent in the business.  Dr Acquilla has hand selected every member of his team and when you consider that all of them are amongst the Top 20 Injectors in the UK, it’s safe to say that you’re in good hands at YUVA.  The team ethos is to never administer treatment that isn’t needed, when it comes to aesthetics there’s a level of trust between patient and practitioner and with the team at YUVA, you’re given options based on your desired outcome and quite often, they’re not what you might expect.

Emma Chan is YUVA’S Advanced Aesthetic Nurse, and one of the first Advanced Nurse Practitioners in the UK.  Chan is a visiting Associate Practitioner at YUVA and a faculty member for the renowned RA Academy masterclasses, teaching doctors and nurses around the globe.

Dr Liesel Holler is YUVA’s skin maestro, having graduated from Ulmea University in Sweden in 2005 this uber talented doctor moved away from abdominal surgery and anaesthesia to focus fully on aesthetics.  The former Miss Peru turned down a TV career for medicine and aesthetics.

Dr Raj Acquilla is one of the UK’s most respected aesthetic doctors known for his natural looking results and his dislike for over inflated lips.  Driven by his passion for science and safety in beauty, Acquilla has been a practicing doctor for 18 years.

Like what you hear?  I’ll be bringing you the verdict on a live treatment at the official launch of YUVA MEDI-SPA but if you’re too keen to wait, then you can contact the clinic to book a consultation on 01625 322430.

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