What I Wore: Styling the Racing Aesthetic Trend

The racing aesthetic has been bubbling under for a little wile now.  After appearing on the runways in Spring 2016 it’s been one of those trends that’s gathered pace until it literally bursts through the pack to claim first place.  The Fenty Puma Spring Summer 18 collection saw motocross inspired designs take centre stage, whilst actual motocross riders put on an x-rider style stunt show around the models.

By the time the Fall Winter 18 show season rolled around, the racing aesthetic trend was well and truly cemented.  Designs from Off – White, Supreme, Fenty Puma and the final “See Now, Buy Now” TOMMY x GIGI collection, aptly named “Speed”, featured motocross style pants and chequered flag detailing meaning only one thing:  the high street would soon follow.  Now this is a tricky trend for the high street to respond to, it calls for high quality materials and tricky top stitch and pipe binding techniques – it’s easy to fall short of the finish line if you get this trend wrong and trust me, that’s easy to do.  The look is straight off the 1980’s speedway, get it right and you’re guaranteed a place on the podium, get it wrong however and you’re likely to end up with a ride through penalty and find yourself way down at the back of the grid with zero style points.  The trick to pulling it off?  Something that pays homage to the original style aesthetic and attitude in abundance.  Check and check.

When you’re styling out the race inspired trend steer clear of pleather, vinyl, plastic or any other types of trashy fabrics.  This look works because it stays pretty true to the original aesthetic.  If you’re looking for motocross inspired pants, they’re pretty hard to find.  I have the TOMMY x GIGI Leather Speed pants and whilst they look great, the quality is appalling, at £410 Tommy Hilfiger should be exercising better quality control, I’ve ordered these three times now and the first two pairs arrived with the seams slashed.  The third pair hasn’t fared much better, after just 10 minutes of wear they were already torn.  Not cool Gigi, not cool.  I adore these pants and yeah, I look cool AF in them but I’m seriously thinking of switching to these:

4 images of the Wreckreation Superchargers collection which is a series of items based on the motocross trend and not fitting a specific ideal

Wreckreation’s Supercharger trouser is a great alternative and the brand is based right here in the North East.  When it comes to nailing the trend these are probably your best option.  Fashioned from sturdy denim in a whole variety of colourways, these are hardwearing, durable and on trend.

When it comes to race inspired clothing the Forever 21 x Honda collection is pretty damn good and very authentic looking.  Remember, the idea is not to sex up the look, it’s to try to keep it pure.  If you start throwing PVC and stiletto heels in there that’s a whole different ball game.  Primark are likely to pick up the trend if you’re on a budget, expect lots of black and white race themed flag detailing and leggings with go faster stripes down the side.  Remember, show season is a full season ahead of the high street so you can expect to see this trickle down over the coming months.

Handy with a sewing machine?  Grab some ponte style leggings (like a heavier jersey style) and add your own coloured panels with brightly coloured fabric – it’s something I’ve done before and it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds, this is definitely one for people who are confident at sewing and crafting, oh yeah, and uber patient.  If it pays off they look great, mine definitely had a short shelf life!

Found something awesome that fits the racing aesthetic?  Then hit me up and I’ll see you on the grid….


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