What I Wore: The Perfect Summer Dress

I know I’m usually all about vintage and preloved fashion, but there are times when I just can’t resist buying new.  The majority of my purchases these days are vintage and they’re getting more and more outlandish, in fact, the last few have been some pretty crazy bridesmaid dresses from the 80’s which make me look like a super cool Little Bo Peep, but we’re not here to talk about that right now.

Blogger Pixie Tenenbaum wears a gingham maxi dress with navy blue embroidery from Marks and Spencers Summer 2019 range

This one is about a simple wardrobe staple; The Summer Dress.  I’ve found a pretty simple solution from high street legend Marks and Spencer and it’s from their new sustainable cotton range so it has decent credentials too.  I bought this right before it went into sale so I paid full whack to make sure I got my size (£59.99) but if you’re on the ball you’ll find it in stores now for £39.99 or failing that, it’s on eBay.

It’s got chunky straps unlike some Summer style dresses and the front is straight – all of these things mean you can wear most bra styles underneath and you won’t see it either over the front, or at the sides.  Winning.  Despite being maxi in length, it’s light on fabric and draughty so you stay cool.  It’s gingham pattern is an obvious choice for Summer but what sets it apart from other high street offerings is the vintage style flounce and the embroidered detailing, I think this is why it caught my eye, because it still has that throwback feel and of course Marks and Spencer are refreshingly transparent about their endeavours to be more sustainable when it comes to the production of their fashion garments.

A Summer dress, as if you needed to be told, is the perfect garment because it’s one thing.  Easy to pack, easy to store, easy to wear and no need for co-ordinating items – except for shoes.  I’m pretty much always in some kind of boot, with this one it’s the Vionic Kanela suede boot which is a slouchy pirate style boot.  I was gifted a shoe of my choice by Vionic and I chose this one which I’ve worn time and time again because it’s so comfortable.  One of the best things about this particular shoe and this brand in general is that all of their suede is completely and fully waterproof – no joke, it truly is.  Vionic shoes also come with an insole that realigns the foot to its most ‘correct’ position for posture too meaning that it’s a better all round choice.  (FYI I haven’t been asked to write a post by them, this is my genuine opinion and my genuine choice to wear them)

When September rolls around, I’ll be able to slip a white tee under this dress for cooler days and even throw an arran jumper over it for a fisherman’s wife vibe into Fall.  The darker embroidery gives it a trans-seasonal edge that makes it super easy to style.  If you manage to get your hands on one, tag me and show me how you style it!  @pixietenenbaum


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