Skincare Heroes: Vivderma Detox Elixir

We all have rough times with our skin.  When the weather is changeable, or stress enters our lives all of that is reflected in our skin.  But what about those times of utter crisis?  The times when our skin has either reacted to something, gone through a period of age related change, or just had a complete and utter meltdown?  well Voyeurs, I’m going to let you in on a secret of mine and I’ve been sitting on this one for a few years.  To be honest, I didn’t realise it was even a secret until I got to talking about it with a few people recently and nobody seems to even be aware of the existence of this product which I’m completely shocked about because it’s a complete and utter hero.

So, the beginning.  I have photo-sentitive skin.  Like majorly photo-sensitive.  This is why when you see me on vacation I always look like a burned lobster and not a bronzed goddess.  I have a condition that requires a medication which has some side effects, one of which is extreme photo-sensitivity and this is why I’m always banging on about SPF.  So, because I burn like a vampire through a crack in a curtain, I always wear SPF; and because SPF is completely gross for your skin it causes breakouts and blockages so it’s like this cycle of protecting your skin by treating it really badly.

A few years back I was at London Fashion Week, I’d just flown in to the UK the night before and my skin was awful.  I met up with a beauty PR friend of mine at my first show of the season and she said she’d hook me up with something to help my skin.  That was my first ever introduction to Vivderma Detox Elixir and now I’m a convert.

The product itself is a lightweight serum that glides on to clean skin after washing or cleansing.  It’s billed as Skin Rehab and comes with a whole host of benefits listed however the main reason I use it is its ability to rebalance skin that has tipped into crisis mode.  Whether it’s sunburn, breakouts, itchiness, duskiness, dullness or any other skin related concern that’s out of the ordinary – Detox Elixir has me covered.  I don’t use it every day, just when I need it and it always has my back.

I recently took a week long road trip to Cadwell Park and a press trip to Wicksteed Park (which you can read about here) and it happened to be during record breaking temperatures of 37 degrees which resulted in me having photosensitive skin and tightness.  Detox Elixir had me feeling like my usual self again and looking a lot better very quickly.

A close up image of Pixie Tenenbaum's hand holding a bottle of Viv Derma's Skin Elixir, a skin hero product for calming skin deemed to be in crisis

What does it cost & how long will it last?

It’s at the pricier end of the mid-range skincare market at £85 for 30ml.  However, it’s not an everyday product so you get a decent lifespan out of that little bottle.  One pump does your face and neck so as long as you don’t get too trigger happy it *can* last.  Given that I’m on the more sensitive side of the scale, I get around nine months out of one bottle, a person with more regulated skin could get longer.  Also, don’t discard the bottle when the pump stops, there’s always loads left in the bottom.

What’s in it?

Magic.  Seriously magic stuff.  It calms your skin in an instant so it must be.  It does have something called Proteolea in it which contains 100 x more vitamin C than apples, apparently this is important if you’re looking for anti-ageing type properties in your skincare.  It also contains Sacred Lotus which is known for its calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities.  That’ll be the magic then.  It’s a great mattifier too which I know is often a product people use separately.  Basically the brand is a clinical brand and they use that clinical knowledge to address environmental skin issues.

Where can I get it?

The Vivderma website!  I don’t know another place that sells it and Viv Derma deliver fast.  I guess these days Bloggers have to declare relationships and I don’t have a relationship with Vivderma at all.  They didn’t ask me to recommend this product to you or to direct anybody to buy a product from them.  It’s a product I was given by a beauty PR who represented them (at the time) in a time of need and I’ve stuck with the brand as a customer ever since because the product is tried and tested (by me) and I genuinely love it.  I guess that’s just how this works right?  If you try something and you love it then you just keep on keeping on?

What it’s really great for is stopping those annoying pimples that you get under the surface of the skin, the ones that sit there taunting you but never quite break through.  I use the La Prairie skin peel dupe from Aldi (yes really because it’s bomb ass and it’s only £7) followed by this and it stops them in their tracks.  If you’re serious about finding skincare that works, then this really does.


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