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The Perfect Ganni Seersucker Dupe Dress

February 27, 2020

Remember the Ganni Seersucker minidress that sent Instagram into a near meltdown last Summer?  Well that gorgeous check pattern in its unmistakeable black and green hue is going nowhere this Summer and the puff sleeve, swing hem shape is sticking around all season.  That particular Ganni dress was produced in a soft cheesecloth type fabric and I’m here to show you how you can recreate the look for a fraction of the price with 100% of the style, and some of the sustainability factor (not that Ganni is particularly known for its sustainability credentials).

Take one high street dress, I’ve always told you that it takes a half a season for the British high street to pick up on pieces at the top end of the fashion chain and turn them into pieces for consumption at the mid to bottom end of the fashion chain, that’s how this thing works.  It takes Fashion Editors and journalists to spot those pieces, models and influencers to max out on them and then the high street to respond to that need after the social media responses are generated in terms of your likes and comments.  Those pieces are then produced in a direct response to what you, the consumer expects, wants and needs as a forecast for the season ahead based on what was popular in the previous season – these are called micro-trends.  Ok, fashion lesson over, on to the dress and this one is a doozie….

Pixie Tenenbaum wears a green and black checked minidress dupe of the Ganni Seersucker minidress at St Mary's Inn in Morpeth

Lime Green Seersucker dupe £35.00 at Topshop

It’s an almost exact replica of the fabric in terms of wearability, it’s got that same cheesecloth type feel with the banding that runs through the checks.  The sleeves stay puffed up (the Ganni dress has to be re-puffed regularly if that’s the look you’re going for), and this one doesn’t have a deep v-neck which is good if you’re particularly flat chested like me.  It’s empire cut so is almost a fit and flare style from the bust out, a very flattering cut on most shapes, especially given its shorter length.

Pixie Tenenbaum wears a green and black checked minidress dupe of the Ganni Seersucker minidress at St Mary's Inn in Morpeth

Lime Green Seersucker dupe dress £35.00 at Topshop

We all know the Ganni Seersucker sold like hot cakes when it was reduced in the sale to £150, but this Seersucker dupe from high street giant Topshop is just £35.00 and you can buy it here, but be quick because I can’t see this one sticking around.  It’s the perfect seasonal transition dress paired with opaques, a light polo neck and boots and then on its own for lazy Summer days and vacations paired with cowboy boots.  Of course if you’re not sold on the empire line and puff sleeves – I get that it’s not a look for everyone – but you want in on the pattern, then Topshop also have this straight bodied version available with frill detailing on the front if this is more your thing for £39.99.

Either way, get amongst it Voyeurs, this is one with a decent amount of wearability in it.



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