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You take time to select the perfect fragrance for each occasion right?  Well I certainly do, as you’ll know if you read my recent post on vacation fragrances, I love taking the time to check out the latest releases from my favourite fragrance houses and love it when I find something that fits my look.

I definitely have a type when it comes to fragrance, I love something heady, something that leaves a lasting impression and Oud, Amber, Tobacco and Vanilla are my favourite types of fragrance.  So, what about when it comes to your hair?  We all have those days when we try a new haircare regime and get the scent of our freshly washed hair, but what if this could compliment your fragrance?

Well, in my opinion your hair is your best accessory.  I’ve had my fair share of Hair Tragedies, which you can read about here (and marvel at some cringeworthy photos of said tragedies).  A good haircut can make you or break you, and Karlie Kloss is testament to that.  Once you have that, maintaining condition is crucial.

My bathroom shelf is chock full of haircare products that I use in my regime, remember that Vidal Sassoon commercial in the early nineties about not taking two bottles into the shower?  I’m their worst nightmare, I have around 15 in there at any one time.  From my L’Oreal Colour Correcting Silver Conditioner, to my weekly Brightening Shampoo, everything serves a purpose.

Currently as my regular, non-treatment product I’m using the Lux Volume range from SHOW Beauty – you already know I do a lot of work with this brand and they always look after me during London Fashion Week – when they asked me to road test the range I jumped at the chance after having attended the launch party earlier this year.

All of the SHOW Beauty products in the range are interchangeable and designed to compliment one another, they all have that heavy patchouli based scent reminiscent of Dior’s original Poison.  So whether you opt for Moisture Shampoo with Volume Conditioner or a Repair Mask, the scent is the same and once hair is dry it lingers like perfume.  They’re all as beautiful to look at as they are to use and have serious shelf appeal, designed to look like vintage cut glass, each bottle is a masterpiece.

With the Lux Volume range, you get weightless Volume with nome of that associates stickiness.  Hair feels clean, has bounce and you still get that gorgeous scent that lasts all day and beyond.  I have super thick, but very damaged hair so I was concerned that adding more volume might make me look like a dandelion clock but my hair stayed sleek and shiny but still felt light.

The only possible sticking point is the price.  At £30 for each shampoo and conditioner in the range, £40 for a mask and upwards of £50 for finishing products it’s definitely an investment.  After using the products myself, it’s an investment I’d recommend.  Probably not for every wash, depending on your budget, if you’re short on cash and treating yourself to something from the SHOW Beauty range I’d maybe save it for when you have a big night out or a special occasion and use the L’Oreal Pro Fiber range in between which is a more modest £15 per product.  Personally I’m a bit of a product snob and don’t use high street hair products, with my hair in it’s current state I doubt they’d do any more than Fairy Liquid would!

The real gem in using the SHOW Beauty Haircare range is that’s divine fragrance.  You’ll know from previous posts that the brand uses a Parisian ‘Nose’ to create that dreamy scent and as it’s triple layered with notes, it lasts on your hair as your regular perfume does on your skin.  After I’ve washed and styled my hair with Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner and Lux Volume Mist , I spritz a little Tom Ford Noir de Noir on my skin – the two fragrances work perfectly together – and I’m on my way.

Thinking of trying the range for yourself?  Scope it out first, the range includes a product to address and treat most hair needs and you’re guaranteed to receive compliments on how your hair smells, just like the Elle Woods endorsed Bend & Snap, it has a 100% approval rating.  The SHOW Beauty Hair care range really is luxury hair care at its very best.

Pixie xo

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