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What I Wore: Wear The Dress Day

August 22, 2019

Every season there’s a dress that seems to become an overnight sensation.  The truth of it is that it begins its life on Instagram, shared by Bloggers, Digital Editors and even regular fashionistas like you who have inadvertently become Influencers by buying it, wearing it, photographing it and sharing it with your friends, family and followers.

This year’s must have dress hasn’t conformed to any trends – I say that in a hushed tone as it’s a bit of a dirty word right now – it’s a simple shape that can be worn over and over again.  A simple white dress with a polka dot motif, it’s up there with the most classic of designs and works for day and evening.  The dress, as I’m sure you know is from Zara and is lovingly referred to as the Hot 4 The Spot dress.  It even has its own Instagram account and at just £39.99 it’s a piece that will transcend seasons and work hard in your wardrobe long after the social media furore has died down.

Pixie Tenenbaum wears THAT Zara Hot 4 The Spot dress made famous on Instaf=garm on Wear The Dress Day August 22nd 2019

Such is the love for the Hot 4 The Spot dress, that Conde Nast orchestrated a global Wear The Dress Day event on August 22nd 2019 with Glamour Magazine hosting a party in London in the same day.  Unbelievably, on August 22nd #WearTheDressDay and #Hot4TheSpot held the worldwide top trending hashtag positions on social media for the entire day.  That’s the power and influence that fashion has when people decide to come together over something.  One simple dress.

I bought the dress early and it hung on my open clothes rail for a little while, I even thought about taking it back because I thought it might be a little see though (it’s not).  Then I saw a community of women unfolding online, connecting over something they love and conversing about it in their own little space and I thought to myself, that’s something I can get down with.  Plus, the dress is undeniably lovely and universally flattering.

I wore mine for the first time to The Cosy Club in Durham when we were invited to a menu review.  I noticed right there and then that something amazing happens when you wear the Hot 4 The Spot dress; people gravitate towards you either to ask you where the dress is from, to compliment you on it, or because they’re wearing the very same dress and want to revel in your style choice.  Sartorial sisterhood achieved with one simple decision.

Obviously wearing a dress is easy, especially when it’s instafamous.  You can choose to accessorise to the absolute max in order to stand out from the crowd, or let the dress do the talking and keep things real simple.  I wore mine with Vionic Kanela boots (a PR gift), frilly socks and a Zara leather jacket I bought in Monaco around eight years ago which I wear all the time.  It’s a simple look and once which received a multitude of compliments that night!

Did you participate in Wear The Dress Day or even just get your hands on the dress and love it?  Did you customise it to make it that little bit different?  Drop me a comment below and let me know.



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